unwholesome past
By Prudence Onaah

Unwholesome Past

Unwholesome Past is my campaign against desertion, abandonment and abdication of paternal duties as is rampant among the middle class Nigerian society. It is set in Nigeria and is a wake-up call to fathers everywhere to stand up to their responsibilities in the home. The book was written with an international audience in mind and will fulfill their desire to explore a different world. Mabel keeps waging an emotional war with her past. A war that tells on her present and therefore makes the two aspects of her life inseparable. On top of this, her best friend, Selina, unknowing to her, is waging a physical war against her entirely based on her own emotional insecurities. These emotional insecurities which both the protagonist and the antagonist share in common are entirely based on the common childhood experience of the absence of paternal care in their lives. Unwholesome Past is about the importance of a father's care in the life of a child and the general place of a father in that fragile life. It exposes through characters how our childhood backgrounds affect our adult lives and its major lesson is for fathers to wake up to their roles in the family. Unwholesome Past is a wake-up call to the Middle Class Nigerian father.

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