a time among the shadows
By David Iruoje


A TIME AMONG THE SHADOWS is a fusion of crime thriller and science fiction. Set in real world Nigeria, the entire events of the novel are set in motion as a result of a dimensional jump that goes horribly wrong: Inspector Joseph Osariemen is your average policeman; indifferent and inert. Things change when he encounters a seemingly supernatural killer while investigating the murder of a young girl. His desire to unravel the mystery turns him into a victim. One of many victims that a clandestine government agency known as S.E.A.D(Special Executions And Defense) is desperate to stop. A brilliant ex-policeman Alex Weyinmi(and a close friend to Inspector Joe), driven by vengeance, finds himself on the trail of the same enigmatic killer. A killer who can manipulate time and space. With help from a brilliant SEAD physicist, doctor Keziah, and the precognitive doctor Faith, Alex will come to realize the true meaning of evil and reality. The book also highlights issues of: police corruption, the place of choice in human existence, and the spiritual.

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